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Knipidee owes her name to the many services she offers her customers. We deliver Business-to-Business and our customers can choose from a very wide range.

Double folded pieces per 12 meter
You can contact us for as little as 12 metres of fabric. Our double folded pieces have an average length of 12 metres.
Cash-and-carry showroom
In our beautiful showroom with an extensive choice of fabrics, you can immediately pay for the fabrics you have chosen and take them with you.
Delivery from stock
With a stock of 7 million meters, it’s most likely that your chosen fabric is available from stock.
Webshop with all stocked fabrics
Register on our webshop and receive your fabrics within 24-48 hours at the desired delivery address.
Global Delivery
Your order can be delivered anywhere in the world.
Delivery to your workshop/cutting plant
If you wish, your order can be delivered directly to a cutting shop/atelier.
Sampling for ready-made orders
If you would like to place a ready-made order and would like to receive a sample first, that is no problem.
Custom-made orders
All our standard qualities, but also our fashion items, can be produced in special colour combinations.
OEKO-TEX® certified
Many of our fabrics are OEKO-TEX® certified. Free from harmful chemicals and safe for humans.